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Recruitment Outlook

Recruiting Asian students: The outlook for the next two years

Numbers of business students seeking to study overseas will remain as at present, but numbers of engineering students will decline. In Asia, recovering from economic turmoil, many technological or engineering firms are hiring engineers, and many students with engineering background are starting to feel hesitant about passing up work opportunities in order to study abroad. The majority of students without scholarships and with only meager funds for their studies tend to choose overseas public schools, and this has a marked effect on predictions of recruitment for public schools.

(Most students choosing private schools have sufficient funds to budget, so the question of current job opportunities does not so much affect their plans regarding studying overseas.)

Taiwan is the best choice of country for international recruitment not just due to:

- Taiwan is the FIFTH leading place of origin for students coming to the United States.

  (24,818 students in the 2010/2011 academic year)

- Taiwan is the SECOND leading place of origin sending the highest percentage of graduate    
   students enrolled in the United States.

  (53.50% of all Taiwan students enrolled in the United State)

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